Swags & Tails

Swags & Tails, the perfect way to add a
touch of elegance to any window
There is a huge range of choice in
designing the right set of swags & tails
for your room
Contrasting colours may be used, on
tails especially, to create a fashionable
trim to set off the swag & tails
Swags & Tails can range from the single
full swag, to multi-layered swags. Which
can be decorated with braids, fringes,
beads, etc.
As well as traditional swags on a
headboard, swags are often placed on
decorative poles.
Swags may be made in alternating
colours or even overlapped in a variety
of patterns to create a truly original look
for your room.
Complimented with matching curtains
and tie backs